Antony Shearn - Director of Photography





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'Blood Orange'


'Who is the Soho Hobo?'

CB300 project

Shadow Factory 'Beat Poets'

'Rural project'

Iggy Pop - WHO tribute



'Les Dominos'

Takashi Arts

Dentsu - Rolling Stones Exhibition

The Soho Hobo feat. Phil Daniels - 'Ain't Made to Measure'

Helen Jane Long

CBBC 'Daedalus Hex'  

'Sonnet 155' @ the Almeida

'Patient 17'

Akademi- Sufi:Zen

'Bel Air'


Mediaeval Baebes


Lenovo/Williams F1


Renata Jonscher

  'n[eon]' Clermont-Ferrand film festival winner

 BBC 'Ghostwatch Live' Paul Darrow could learn a whole page of dialogue in just one camel light

Elton John's 'Lestat' Warner Bros theatre ventures

'The Ballad Of Buckethead' Biillboard award-nominated pop video

Jubilee Sailing Trust

Adobe Project nice video- shame about the song

Virgin records nice video- shame about the song

'The Week Before'

 'Exit Kaydee'

Shakespeare's Sonnet # 138

'Signal to Noise'

7th Raindance Film Festival

Lowcraft - 'One of Us'

The Image - Kodak

Converse all-star prize winning film- if only $1000 were a lot of money...

and previously, folks...