cameras & lenses    

Sony XDCAM EX PMW-EX3 camera kit

HD 1920x1080 1/2" sensor array, PAL/NTSC switchable, Cine-Alta 1-60fps variable speed (interlace mode) sxs cards, sxs card reader, batteries & charger, with standard supplied fujinon HD zoom

can be travelled in wheeled coffin box 'drama mode' / Cinebags camera daddy case 'documentary mode' with folding sack truck / or peli 1610 case for 'flight' mode   


four lens adapter mounts- MTF B4 adapters (x2, hot & cold) / Pentax K mount, and Adaptimax Nikon 35mm stills lenses

hardened base plate/modified cold shoe

Canon 9-162mm B4 zoom

Fujinon 7-126mm (standard def) B4 zoom with x2 extender

Sony wide-angle aspheron fitment for the fujinon zoom

Pentax K stills lenses - 70-210mm zoom, 28-80mm short zoom, 28mm, 50mm primes, tamron 100mm-300mm zoom, x 3 extender, (creating an effective 1m focal length) macro extension tubes

matte box, 15mm bridge plate, filters, distortion glass, clapper, walkie-talkies (x 3),   win 7 netbook for data transfer, outboard drives

NEXTO DI sxs card offloader 750gb drive internal

7” on-board LCD monitor, (not oled or anything but can see a picture) with support brackets, variety of connections (BNC/HDMi etc)

multi-point led on-board camera lamp, (for what it's worth) - these last two items run on the sony batteries previously belonging to;


Sony DSR PD-150p camera kit

with wide-angle attachment and the usual necessaries, hard-wired clip mic, etc etc - these old girls probably no use but you never know


Bolex H16 standard 16mm camera with switar fixed lenses and vintage 1960's Som Berthiot C-mount zoom – bless…

Canon AF310XL/Elmo Super 311 super8mm cameras, purchased for and used during the ‘Luna’ feature project (home movie plus wicker-womb FX sequences) 

ancient Sony AF-8 video camera, working, (just) for that vintage lo-res 80's domestic-video look



Sekonic L608 cinemaster (two of)

Sekonic L758 Digital cinemaster

Minolta spotmeter F

Gretag Macbeth colour calibration chart /X-rite colour checker/ grey scales / fuji colour chart / focus charts




large Chimera softboxes (x 2) with speedrings for lowel tota 1kw- inc silks, egg-crates, arri stands, clamps, in petrol flight case

Chimera chinese ball, inc silks, skirt, boom, arri stand and clamps in petrol flight case

Chimera pancake topbox, inc silks, skirts, boom, arri stand and clamps in petrol flight case

DEDO 4-head 150w aspherics-2 light kit inc two-way barn doors, in-line dimmers, and accessories, in peli 1600 flight case

DEDO 4-head 100w aspherics-2 light kit inc simple barn doors, in-line dimmers, local controller, 85mm projection lens and accessories, in peli 1610 wheeled flight case


California Sunbounce midi reflector, c/w white & zebra gold silk

4 x lastolite circular reflectors, white/silver, c/w adjustable brace

27" Lowel totabrolly kit, (white/gold/silver) Lowel gel frame, blackwrap etc etc




Manfrotto 525 sticks with choice of 501/504 heads, modified base screw, in soft case and/or flight tube

Sony VCT-1170 (aka libec) sticks with lanc remote in soft case (suitable for the 150)

hi-hat (100mm bowl), ARRI limpet mount, Arri/Manfrotto magic arms, Manfrotto camera mount plates

Adaptimax Teerig stabiliser rig/frame, for those improved hand-held shots - designed by me(!), realised and milled by engineer Darryl St John Bacon

shown here on the 'Blood Orange' location with dp Mark Patten




Sony ECM-77 lavalier mic, XLR cables various

Sony PCM-D50 wild sound recorder, with multiple male & female XLR>jack adapters to access any front-of-house desks

Roland R0-7 field recorder, can me controlled remotely via bluetooth (but don't go too far away)





Apple mac pro 2x2.8 quad-core, running fcp 7, apple motion/color/logic studio, and the full suite of adobe production software – now with PS Lightroom!

5.5TB internal storage, 9.5TB outboard storage, with 30" apple cinema display plus Dell 20" secondary display, 4xchannel i/o mixer, gale monitors 


IBM/Lenovo Mpro win 10 computer, to look after sound editing and legacy issues, running Sony Soundforge pro 10c, Sony Vegas, DVD architect pro 5,

Adobe after effects pro bundle 6.5, Photoshop, mocha AE, XDcam content browser, Particle Magic, Aurorix 2 and Dreamsuite plug-ins, and 'plenty' of storage


Sony DSR-20p dvcam/dv half-rack in/out deck, firewire/analogue in

Sony PVM-14N6E CRT monitor, 16-9 switchable