while as 1ac, 2ac...some oddments from previous occasions...


                        Curiosity Killed the Cat - 'Down to Earth'

                        super 35mm/super 8mm   Phonogram



                        Fate - 'Won't Stop'

                        super 16mm   Picture music international for EMI Denmark



                        King Kurt - 'America'

                        16mm                   Stiff Records/Polydor



                        Wax - Graham Gouldman & Andrew Gold - 'Ball & Chain'

                        16mm                    RCA Victor



                        and assignments such as

                        'King of the Wind'

                        'Resort to Murder' (aka 'Brighton Boy')

                        'Romance & Rejection' (aka 'So this is Romance')

                        'The Last Englishman'

                        'Living Doll'

                        'Codename Kyril'

                        'We are Seven'

                        'Three Wishes for Jamie'

                        'Ping Pong'

                        'Suspicion' tv remake

                        'Robin of Sherwood'