short film for London sci-fi competition













            experimental project directed and produced by Andrew Mark Sewell as an entry into the 2013 London Sci-Fi 48hr film challenge

            Made from a fascinating script by Patrick Chapman, the film begins with a spoof commercial filmed beside a Kensington jacuzzi then flows normally,

            if 'normal' means to have our inner self 'revealed' by a new drug and then played by separate actors


            Commercial cast, Chris Killick, Melissa Aston-Munslow, RoAnna Cochrane

            Main cast, Lisa Dillon, David O'Mahony, Tim Plester and Ele Boddie


            the 48hr challenge aspect raised interesting issues to tackle, removing the opportunity to rely on effects, (although not ruled out altogether) and all in all a race

            to the checkout to get the shoot done at all- an interesting exercise- compromise isn't a good word in film and it came up a lot- the most jarring being the film

            seemed to want a natural running time of approx 7 mins, so cutting it down to the required 4mins 59secs brutalised it all out of shape.

            So it failed to shortlist, perhaps unsurprisingly.

            Nevertheless it is being remade back out to it's full desired length in a 'director's cut' version and with revised sound and unhurried post will yield a fine

            and intriguing little short.