7th festival titles

Each year Raindance select a director to issue a 1-min festival ident for theatrical exhibition via the Warner Bros circuit within the M25, trust Dave McKean to overrun, although it was only by seconds- a film finds it's own length? This was filmed in just one (long) day on 35mm, using ultrawide lenses favoured by the likes of Gilliam, Kubrick, including 12mm, 10mm, even 8mm specialist lenses that demand special regard while running about, (after all with the 8 you can almost see your arse) Subsequent CG animation was added providing the 'cartoon' face overlay, with motion tracking to create the composited real-face mask, and the move and track to the title card



Arri 35 III, 1:1;85 aspect ratio, Vision 200T stock                               

released with a THX soundtrack within the M25                                         


produced by Elliott Grove