Ghostwatch Live

   BBC Worldwide

A multi-platform, multi-format show, initially acquisition for a full-length documentary 'Echoes of the past' and inserts for output to a live show consisting of 30 x 4-minute monologues delivered by Paul Darrow, all filmed in various actual locations around the spookier parts of the Tower of London. These were output during BBC Worldwide's 'Ghostwatch Live' cross-media event featuring Paul Darrow and Claudia Christian, a project commissioned by UK Horizons for it's 'haunted weekend' of programming (October 26/27 2001), which was heralded as a major success by the event's Executive Producer Andrew Mark Sewell.
Over a 24hr period, audiences around the world tuned in, drawn by elements aired on UK Horizons, BBC Prime and BBC America, along with two all-night webcasts which were filmed multiple-camera, along with a number of live interviews and extensive 'opt-out' location work, 'exploring the supernatural'. But then we get an orb...


shot DvCam with Sony 500's, and pd150's, + infra-red spectrum cameras;

Directed by Luc Chamberland