Tim Arnold - Sonnet 155 @ the Almeida



            HD coverage of a live performance of Tim Arnold's 'Sonnet 155' in front of a full audience at the Almeida Theatre, Islington, featuring a full band

            with backing vocals and strings, and the unusual addition of Sonnet recitals by Paul McGann and Richard Briars


            Supervise and shoot using multiple camera setups, plus a wild assault upon unsuspecting musicians to acquire cutaways during full dress rehearsals,

            followed by an extensive edit period in Sony Vegas pro and after effects.  


            The band

            Tim Arnold (guitar vocals writer and arranger) Anna Phoebe (violin) Nick Holland (cello) Darrin Mooney (drums) Jonathan Noyce (bass) Geoff Lauren (guitar)

            Jai Ramage & Hannah Pedley (backing vocals)


            Recitals Richard Briars, Paul McGann, Lisa Dillon (filmed show)

            Benedict Cumberbatch, Hattie Morahan, Lisa Dillon (first show)


            show director Deborah Bruce


            Producer Andrew Mark Sewell, associate producer Duncan McAlpine