Lowcraft - 'One of us'

   Hourglass Studios for Disco Volante

   (Sony Records)


Pop video for Seattle-based 4-piece 'Lowcraft', filmed over 3 days on Winchelsea beach in West Sussex, Hammersmith bridge and Camden library in North London, and a one-day studio build.
The studio sets featured motion control for moving ghost-effect shots and a wide variety of lenses, including Clairmont shift-and-tilt, anamorphic mesmerizer and some 'unique home-made systems'. Released on the single as an enhanced cd, a follow-up was commissioned to be filmed with 22x16mm cameras before the entire project (including the record label itself) was suddenly and unceremoniously dumped



ARRI 435es, 1:1;85 aspect ratio, 1AC Mike Green, 2AC Pete O'Connor, dolly grip Bill Vanderkris  - motion control by motion control cameras - shot entirely on Vision 200T stock