Akademi South Asian Dance UK & Red Earth 



            HD multi-camera cover


            'The elemental landscape of Greenwich Park provides the setting

            for this ritualistic fusion of Asian dance and environmental art.

            In a timeless setting, the intensity of sufi mysticism encounters the stillness of

            the Zen monks, framed by art installations created from locally-sourced natural materials and fire effects. Sufi:Zen will transform a familiar wooded glade into

            a sacred grove, connecting with audiences with global cultures in an experience which promises to both enlighten and inspire'.


            Well I don't know about that, and suspect by 'locally sourced natural materials' they mean quite a lot of unleaded from the nearest petrol station- 

            but I thought it was gorgeous and inventive


            cameras- XDCam EX3, Z1's, A1's, all with radio remote video feeds -