Takashi Arts Show

            documentary work supplying feature items for NHK arts strand,

            focussing on established and emerging artists (uk/european unit)


            Starting initially with an item on artist Nasser Azam  at his studio in Islington,

            followed by food stylist photographer Carl Warner in London's Borough district.



           Subsequent further supply to the programme, filming artists, shows and

           exhibitions across europe- such as Berlin, with Julius von Bismarck and his hilarious

           fulgurator, which he uses to 'smuggle' images, as he puts it, into tourist and press photos

           with his slave-flash projector device.


            Julius von Bismarck publicity still          


           We also cheerfully indulged his 'GTA topshot helmet' (shown above in the Alexa shopping centre), so-called as it confines the

           wearer to a world-view inspired by the overhead camera in 'grand theft auto'.

           There's a nice film of it here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7VA7zSYVww)



          Followed by Niklas Roy, who delights in building electro-mechanical maschinen, including the dokumat 500,

          a random, self-motivated camera which filmed us (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUK89ZcvBIw) as much as we filmed it   



          Then to Lausanne via Munich and Geneva where the Art Brut museum celebrates lesser-known art sources and by train (how nice!) to Lugano,

          where japanese photographer Araki completely filled the Museo D'Art including 5,000 carefully placed polaroids....



          Lake Lugano at dusk



        Then to Am for artist Levi Van Veluw and the Rijksmuseum for a sequence on the construction and composition

        of Vermeer's 'The Little Street' (1657-1661) You can see from Vermeer at Artsy's page here...


        this painting is adjacent, of course, so Tiddles took advantage of the private viewing....