Antony Shearn, Curriculum Vitae


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'Blood Orange' -  Lightworks Productions/ Blood Orange Ltd

2:40:1independent feature film, starring Iggy Pop, Kasey Barnfield, Ben Lamb, Antonio Magro - 2nd UNIT -  murder-mystery thriller filmed in Ibiza, written and directed by Toby Tobias, produced by Chris Bunyan, Gary Singha   


'Luna' BBC America, Baker Street Entertainment / Hourglass Studios

1;235 feature film, reprising Stephanie Leonidas, with Ben Daniels, Michael Maloney and Dervla Kerwan

filmed in full 4:4:4 uncompressed digital with two ARRI D-20 cameras into Sony SRW1 field recorders for dcp release

film presented by Neil Gaiman - Exec producers Keith Griffiths, Clive Banks - producer Simon Moorhead 

screenplay by Allen Spiegel and Dave McKean, directed by Dave McKean accepted into TIFF Toronto/Sitges/Raindance (WINNER, best British feature)


'Who is the Soho Hobo?' -  Big Tone Megaproductions/TA Music/Secrets of Soho

documentary shoot plus multi-camera cover of live shows (Sundance 2014 @ the 02/Berwick St record store/Groucho Club/etc etc) plus varietal i/v's plotting the Soho Hobo, Tim Arnold - work in progress...  

'Mirrormask' -  The Jim Henson Company for Columbia-Tristar/Sony Pictures     

(released US by Samuel Goldwyn, UK by Tartan Films, Japan by Sony Pictures)

1;1:85 feature film, written by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean, with Stephanie Leonidas, Jason Barry, Gina McKee, Rob Brydon, Dora Bryan,

and voices and essences of Stephen Fry, Robert Lewellyn and Lenny Henry

Executive producers Lisa Henson, Mike Polis & Martin Baker; producer Simon Moorhead  directed by Dave McKean  


'ReVEAL' -  B7 Productions, for sci-fi London 24hr competition

short film, competition entry for the London Sci-fi shorts festival, with a cast of Lisa Dillon, David O'Mahony, Tim Plester, Ele Boddie, and Roanna Cochrane, Melissa Aston-Munslow, Chris Killik.

written by Patrick Chapman, produced and directed by Andrew Mark Sewell 


'Ain't Made to Measure' Still Pool Films

Music video, for the Soho Hobo, featuring Phil Daniels shot in & around soho plus white cyc studio sequences, directed by Toby Tobias


'Les Dominos' -  Sesama Production

french short, written and directed by Lydia Castellano, filmed 1;1,85 on RED epic (using red gamma 3) and Zeiss compact primes, for France 3 and festival release with a locally-sourced cast and (mostly) Parisian crew, at la plage de Portigliolo, near Ajaccio, Corsica. produced by Christophe Boula. unit dog - Vico Titan  


Helen Jane Long -  Big Tone Megaproductions

multi-camera HD concert cover, of a rare live staging by composer/pianist Helen Jane Long, at the St James church, Piccadilly - shoot & edit  


'Patient 17' -  Patient 17 Productions ltd

microbudget indie feature, filmed tapeless with a pair of Sony XDCAM EX3 cameras from Sony Broadcast UK, featuring Hannah Waterman, Jonathan Linsley, Matt Chambers, Saul Reichlin, Cornelius McCarthy - filmed around london & Essex and presently performing well across the festival circuit, including best sci-fi/horror at LIFF, the London independent film festival  - produced by Monika Kocian, directed from her own screenplay by Tuyet Le


'Bel Air' -  Starfish Productions

Short 15min film, originated on two HD cameras, filmed five miles out in the North sea with an immersible housing, plus a polecam crane arm, figrig and handheld back on land, featuring Chloe Sirene, Milan Alexander, Nirmala Martis – directed by Karen Fraser 


'Daedalus Hex' -  Magic Lantern Productions for BBC (CBBC)

Interactive drama, filmed on a build at Twickenham studios, to feature interstitial, fully-interactive playable computer games for the BBC Switch early teens audience incentive - featuring Fflur Medi Owen, Chris Mack, Zara Tempest-Walters

produced by Mike Ogden, directed by Rupert Harris


Soho theatre shows -  Big Tone Megaproductions

concert cover of 3 x performances by the Soho Hobo & band, at the soho theatre, featuring guest appearances by Phil Daniels, Jessie Wallace, Gary Kemp  - camera operators Roland Phillips, Bill Shepherd, Lasse Johansson - produced by Nim Arnold


'Sonnet 155' -  B7 Productions

concert cover- arrange and deploy multiple cameras in the Almeida theatre for Tim Arnold’s extraordinary ‘Sonnet 155’ album project – a show consisting of a live band with Shakespeare recitals folded in between the songs, by Richard Briars, Lisa Dillon, Paul McGann (main show) and Benedict Cumberbatch, Hattie Morahan, Lisa Dillon (first show)  - subsequent multitrack edit assembly to a finished dvd record of this energetic performance -  produced by Andrew Mark Sewell

'Dawn' - Hourglass Studio

A shoot-it-quick exercise as Dave McKean makes a short just for fun, filmed digitally with my patented glass in-camera distortion effects system


Mediaeval Baebes - 'Live dvd'  - Coverdrive Records  

supervise and operate multi-camera coverage of the girls doing their thing performing 24 tracks 


'Lestat' -  Warner Bros theatre ventures          

4 short live-action sequences for projection during Elton John’s all-too-briefly lived Broadway musical at the Palace Theatre, New York

filmed both regular, blue-screen and on steadicam with the first commercial application for a pre-production Arri D-20 full-height digital camera, feeding into a Sony SRW1 field recorder deck

show itself directed by Robert Jess Roth, featuring Hugh Panaro and Carolee Carmello- film segments directed by Dave McKean

'Lullabelle'  - Fable Factory Films  

s16mm short, (rt 14mins) filmed in 1;1:78 with a cast of Jackie Morrison, Michael Kirk, Su Pollard and Christopher Biggins

produced and directed by Gemma Page & Tanja Ludyga 


'Signal To Noise' -  Illuminations Films with the participation of The Film Council

Pilot project as development towards a full-length feature film of a 1996 BBC R3 play, itself derived from their comic novel by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, filmed with 13 simultaneous digital cameras and super8mm film  

produced by Keith Griffiths, directed by Dave McKean

 'N[eon]'  - Hourglass Studio     

Personal short film (runtime 25mins) shot super16mm for extensive 3D compositing with Dave’s own super8mm Venice footage and entire cg environments

With Eamonne Collinge, Eilleen Daly; directed by Dave McKean


Adobe Project – 'The Particle Tarot' - Hourglass Studio/Saatchi & Saatchi NY 

reprise of an earlier ‘Kodak’ project of a fictionalised photoshoot featuring front-end visual effects


Renata Jonscher  - 'Islands of Sorrow'  - Coverdrive Records  

classical music video for the Polish mezzo soprano, filmed widescreen digibeta & Sony Z-1 


Ghostwatch / 'Echoes of the Past'  - BBC Worldwide for BBC America / UK Horizons  

12x4min dramatised monologues, 30x10sec stings/inserts, 1x 60min documentary for TX during a live Tower of London

ghosthunting OB / global webcast, presented by Paul Darrow & Claudia Christian      

produced by Andrew Mark Sewell directed by Luc Chamberland


'A-Z of Goldfish - an HD Special'  - NHK Enterprises Europe   

documentary filmed around the UK on shubunkin fish breeding. directed by Minako Kurachi


'Damer’s Vision' -  Big Tone Megaproductions

a technically-similar project to the Sonnet 155 production listed above- arrange and deploy multiple cameras for an unusual community play project, with multitudinous cast,

and the limitations of an actual church setting - shoot, edit, & author to a finished dvd record of the performance – with grateful thanks to Andy Humphreys and Rod Marley


'Kiss of the Spiderwoman'  - Nottingham Playhouse  

Unusual circular presentation of pre-filmed digibeta drama sequences played out as part of live performance,

featuring Adrian Scarborough, Keith Osborn and Sean Dooley; directed by Philip Franks


'The Week Before' - Hourglass studio 

s16mm short (rt 25mins) describing what God might have been doing the week before he made the universe;

and is the film that initially attracted the Henson company towards commissioning ‘Mirrormask’

With Dean Harris playing God, and Eamonne Collinge the devil; directed by Dave McKean


Izzy - 'Una Furtiva Lagrima'/ 'My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose'  - Virgin Records

2 x music promos, shot s16mm back-to-back, with heli aerials + blue screen for 3D composite - directed by Dave McKean


'Shakespeare's Sonnet # 138'   - Illuminations for BBC tv  

s16mm studio shoot of a 1min film for (ongoing?) BBC2 multiple-director project; this one by Dave McKean


'Transatlantic Windsurf Race 2000'   - SSM Freesports  

An Atlantic ocean windsurf attempt from Portugal to Brazil, although it all ended rather badly in the canaries...

shot boat-to-boat digibeta, betaSP, a gyrozoom and a bunch of vx1000’s (which couldn’t hack it) 


Buckethead'The Ballad of Buckethead'  - Columbia Records  

music promo for LA guitar artist Buckethead, designed and directed by Dave McKean; Billboard award nominee


Kodak - 'The Image'- Artemis Communications Ltd for Saatchi & Saatchi NY

s16mm film shoot (rt 24mins) of 'quasi making of’ documentary film for Eastman Kodak; directed by Dave McKean


Raindance- 7th film festival title - Raindance

Theatrical trail/title sequence (rt 1min 12secs) filmed 35mm combining live action and 3D animation;

distributed by Warner Bros with a THX soundtrack; directed by Dave McKean


'The Quintessential Englishman Abroad'  - Charleston Films for Discovery Channel (Europe)

s16mm documentary (1hr) about a maverick Englishman living the life of Reilly on an idyllic tropical paradise island

off the Kenya coast; directed by Sebastian Lyte


'Ghosts of the Past' - Paul McCartney's Liverpool Oratorio – a PMI/Juggler films co-production for BBC tv

BBC Arena special; (A cam, David Feig), extensive 16mm shoot over 6 months as McCartney composed

his opera with Carl Davis, featuring Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Willard White, Sally Burgess; directed by Anne Paul


Acacia Tours Promo - Hotshot Productions

Safariing 2,000+ miles across Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, featuring

white-water rafting, helicopter aerials, even a point-of-view bungy jump (never again) - produced by Doug Smith


various music-biz interviews - MTV/ VH-1 production

indulging endless pop star egos and entourage policing and all in all thoroughly amusing


as director/camera;


"Under Jane's Wood"

'rural' film set amongst England's Dorset environment, can been seen here-


Williams F1 High performance computer - Lenovo Technology UK Ltd

Design, shoot, composite and cut mainly time-lapse coverage at the Williams F1 race team wind tunnel # 1 to arrive

at a short video to illustrate Lenovo’s largest, 8-teraflop computer installation outside of China. Co-ordinated by Kate Robins

 'Odd Pot'  - 'UFO'  / 'UFO II'  - Converse for Butler, Shine & Stern, Sausalito, Ca    Andy award winner

finalist/winner, short films/commercials - filmed dvcam and animated in AE.

Produced by Francesca Prada and John Butler


'Tenacious TN56' - Jubilee Sailing Trust  

doing everything- shoot, edit, respond to the committee’s persistent and vague alterations, on voyage TN56 of the

beautiful tall-ship Tenacious, as a fund-raiser @ the Dorchester hotel ballroom, hosted by HRH Princess Anne


'Mirrormask' press release  - The Jim Henson Company  

4 min video, hurriedly assembled as the first press/public preview item, shown at comicon San Diego to an audience of 5k+


'Ghostwatch - Echoes of the Past'  - BBC Worldwide

1 min promotional teaser (see previous entry) for ‘general-purpose exposure' at MipCom 2002


+ Damer's Vision, Soho Hobo (see above)


 countries worked in;

Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Canary islands, (Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote), Corsica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Latvia, Lebanon, Madeira, Malawi, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey, USA, Wales, Zambia, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe