Blood Orange   


          Lightworks Film / Carnaby International

            see the film's website here

            2:40:1 independent feature film, filmed on location in Ibiza, Spain with two Red epics - 2nd Unit

            with a cast featuring Iggy Pop, Kasey Barnfield, Ben Lamb and Antonio Magro, and a mixed UK/Spanish crew


            Written and directed by Toby Tobias, the film takes place over five days in a glamorous luxury villa in Ibiza


            working as a separate 2nd unit, also when it served the show to double-shoot sets, operating as 'B' camera; - the primary task

            to hoover up various items a main unit could never find the time for- sunsets/moonrises/desert vegetation/gun POV/rabbit action/

            gekko and lizard inaction...two-camera stunt action (and just to keep me busy filmed the EPK material as well)


            Main Unit DP Mark Patten, a gentleman if ever there were.


            2nd unit/B cam assists 1ac Alvaro Gomez 2ac Ana Moya

            exec producers Colin Vaines, Rupert Bryan, Andrew Loveday, Sean O'Kelly, Alex Tait, Tania Sarra



            producers Toby Tobias, Chris Bunyan, Gary Sangha



            Principal photography

            RED Epic (x2) Zeiss superspeed primes/Red primes, Canon 300mm

            cameras configured to 5K, 5-1 compression, 2:40:1 pullout from full sensor, 24fps (with some overcrank)


            Additional photography

            Nikon D7100 time lapse (thanks, Mark) / Jacque's drone aerial unit


            * indicates photo courtesy Morgan White photography














 *    shooting POV gunsight view










  stop laughing.



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