Illuminations films

in association with

the Film Council


Filmed largely as a test to explore the possibilities and effectiveness of planned 3D 'mosaic' effects, created subsequently in post, assembled from multiple-plane source material. This was filmed using up to 16 digital cameras deployed across two axes in a given set, and manipulated by Dave during compositing and editing.

'Signal to Noise' is an on-going evolution, a development of an original comic-novel by Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman, initially as a radio play directed by Anne Edyvean for BBC Radio 3 featuring Warren Mitchell and Elaine Pike. With the curiousity and some very basic support by the film council, a 'test film', featuring Heathcote Williams and Thusita Jayasundera was made as a part of their encouragement into exploring digital techniques of origination, and although the resulting 15-minute final can be considered 'faulty' (as stated by Dave himself) it has nonetheless performed very well at festivals and contributed towards the development of the project as a feature film



filmed in a W1 locations, featuring 16 x Sony DSR pd150 dvcams supported on a variety of grip equipment from a regular tripods, magic arms and bags of rice