Hourglass Studios 

A private independent film project for Dave McKean - More than two years in postproduction yielded this personal crusade of a film (runtime 28mins), manipulating images originated on both super16mm and a massive selection of super-8mm shot by Dave himself in his beloved Venice, composited into an elaborate 3D animation made of at times of up to 80 different layers of assets in depth all overlaid with a broody narrative spoken by Velvet Undergrounder John Cale.


The film played the festival circuit throughout 2002, garnering critical praise at Raindance, the Rotterdam film festival and subsequently Hamburg, Cannes, and eventually

Telluride, going on to win 'best film' at Clermont-Ferrand in 2003. 


Eamonne Collinge - 'the man'

Eilleen Daly - 'the ghost'



filmed S16mm with an Aaton XTR prod from ICE, fitted with

Zeiss primes, on  Vision 200T stock