self-produced, top-to-toe documentary film exploring the life and times of singer/songwriter Tim Arnold in the context of an ever-changing music business model

            and the ever-changing economics of London's Soho, the village he calls home


            featuring interviews with the contributing musicians, actors, executives, relatives, friends, tailors and the occasional burlesque dancer, the film attempts to

            disclose the plight of those tenacious enough to persist in the pressure dome of the performing arts


            either a musical documentary or a documented musical, the film contains multiple live performances both big and small, from the O2 in the east to as far as the Isle of Wight


            All music featured is by Tim Arnold


            the film is indebted to the various musicians making up the Soho Hobo band, comprising


            Tim Arnold - vocals, guitar, piano

            Kit Mlynar - tenor/baritone sax

            Nicki Hutchins - tenor/baritone sax

            Karen Louise Straw - trumpet

            Faye Treacy - trombone

            Ray Gelato - tenor sax

            Jonny Dyke - piano, keyboards

            Hugo Degenhardt - drums

            Peter Radcliffe - drums, percussion

            Magnus Box - bass, violin

            Clifford Slapper - piano

            Peter Hajioff -  bass


            additional cameras

            Bill Shepherd

            Lasse Johansson

            Roland C Phillips


            and of course the involvement and and participation of Nim Arnold (no relation) and Tim Arnold himself...