The Ballad of Buckethead

  Hourglass studios for

  Columbia records

Pop video for Columbia-signed guitar artist Buckethead (in & out of Guns'n'Roses from time to time) who commissioned Dave McKean for an album cover and music video, which he used as an opportunity to explore the unlimited playground world of 3D cg animation, exploited to the fullest stretch, and is why it'd be nuts to try include it on my showreel, there's no 'photography'as such left to speak of, although surely still a good example of CG-asset aquisition. With a Super16mm film shoot to acquire Mr Buckethead himself (real name Brian probably) and a simultaneous shoot in LA to supply further CG assets for compositing into a striking pop video that was both coveted by Ozzie Osbourne and nominated for an MTV Billboard award




Arri SR3, 100T stock Zeiss/ Canon lensesfor CG asset acquisition