Dentsu- Suntory

 Rolling Stones Exhibition





            HD cover + UK co-ordination for Excelman Productions, Paris,

            for their client ad agency Dentsu and their client Suntory,

            sponsors of the Rolling Stones photographic exhibition at

            Somerset House


            The acquired footage (gv's of the usual suspects, the exhibition, red carpet) was to be output via satellite simultaneously to NY and Tokyo, with an evening edit

            in FCP to ensure a clean fit into the pre-booked 12.30am slot @ freemantle media.  

            Filmed with Sony EX3, the cut item was fed back into the camera via sxs, (don't forget to press 'update media' y'all) and output hd-sdi with a single link in playback

            mode, retaining the original hidef of the ex format  Didn't know it could do that- impressive.

            What they used to record in Tokyo & New York, heaven only knows.