Dave McKean's first personal film venture - filmed around the clock over a full-on bank holiday weekend and the final shots completed over a year later (tacked neatly onto the 'N[eon]' principal shoot) the film endeavours to carve out less familiar take on our perceptions of god - a god wracked with indecision and insecurity, and quite unable to complete the world in the given seven days after all, constantly putting things off


Filmed with any number of Heath-Robinson techniques, it surpasses bigger-budget shows with it's superlative cg 3D animation, it's trademark wealth of imagination, and plenty of sellotaped-together in-camera realtime effects.  Featuring Dean Harris behind the god mask and Eamone Collinge as the devil, their combined work so successful many remain convinced several differing masks were employed (no)  



filmed super16mm with an Arri SR2, SR3, and an Aaton XTR prod; Zeiss primes and Clairmont shift-and-tilt lenses, both  and stock  - processing by soho images