Converse all stars - '' -

prize-winning short made for

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (Sausalito, California)

for Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars



3x 28sec 'filmettes' sourced for the website -

a no-limits 'free expression' brief, the first of which, 'UFO' winning a $1000 prize

and duly installed on the site, although at the same time failing the full MTV broadcast

credit. The agency subsequently requested another entry, provoking 'UFO II', a shameless

sequel which failed to make the approval (allegedly on the grounds

it made too much of an issue over London landmarks?) although then a third was also

solicited, (with more 'guidance') and so 'Odd Pot', a slightly more ambitious project featuring

Chloe Sirene ('Gypo','United 93') along with substantial participation by Joe public himself

which although great fun failed to earn any further 1000-dollar prizes. Hard cheese.


For John Butler, Shine and Stern and Converse, the initial campaign (of which 'UFO' was a part)

went on to win an Andy award.$1000-dollar award-winning stuff!

With dv footage filmed with a sony pd150 as a base each 'little epic' was built in After effects 6.5 using cycore plug-ins, and Particle Illusion





- although these two further entries didn't make it...