Kodak - 'The Image'

  Saatchi & Saatchi (NY)

The first-ever collaboration with artist/art director/director (and he's a good cook too) Dave McKean Having been commissioned along with several other contributors to shoot a documentary on their own print artwork assignment for client Eastman Kodak, Dave, unlike the others, threw the brief out the window and constructed a surreal, quasi-documentary, wantonly mixing realities and unrealities and yes, at the time I didn't quite get it either, but as soon as I saw the initial edits I got the picture - a subversive and provocative film that no doubt usurped the whole bunch; not only that it contains very little in the way of CG - most of it was achieved (including the titling and caption cards) through in-camera effects and good old-fashioned editing, by Kiera Gordon-Garrett  


In late 2006 this led again, via the same agency client, to a similar 'revision film' this one made for Adobe in support of their AE and Photoshop products



Filmed in super 16mm in the Kings road Chelsea and at his home in deepest Kent, with an Aaton XTR prod, Kodak EXR 7248 stock, Arri shift-&-tilt lenses, macro work, moving lights and a pool reflection system
camera assistant was Helene Whitehall; model Claire @ Storm