Helena is rescued by a monkeybird

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a Jim Henson Company production for

Columbia-TriStar / Sony Pictures / Destination films



distribution by the Samuel Goldwyn Company/Tartan Films/Sony pictures 

Written by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean- designed and directed by Dave McKean, featuring Stephanie Leonidas, Jason Barry, Gina McKee, Rob Brydon, Dora Bryan, and 'voices and essences' of Stephen Fry, Robert Lewellyn and Lenny Henry.

Filmed on location in London, Middlesex, and Brighton, and an extensive period at Black Island studios for the blue-screen element. Produced by Simon Moorhead; Exec Producers Lisa Henson, Martin G. Baker and Mike Polis


principal photography     

compact, and SL for handheld and crane/boom/steadicam application, 435es for time-lapse/overcrank varispeed, an ARRI 35III handcranked for 'indeterminant varispeed', (now done via HC-1 into 435) all of which fitted with Zeiss series II primes, plus 8mm, 6mm ultrawides and a 10mm Excellence boroscope lens; an aerocrane arm for the title sequence caravan pull-back and a Z-arm crane for 'white dome pov' - 

Gavin Walters, Gaffer - 1AC Mike Green, 2AC Colleen Webley, super griptastic grip Jem Morton, 2nd 2nd AC Mark Nutkins, and video assist Siggi Rosen-Rawlings  



pickups & additional photography;    

first major set of pickups filmed with a Thomson Grass valley filmstream camera feeding into S2 field drives  - in addition to this and at a much later date, further  day/night on H stage @ Pinewood and the backlot/garden filmed with an 535b, Zeiss seris II primes - 1AC Nathan Mann, 2AC Kate Filby

also a variety of CG asset/face acquistion (ie Stephen Fry's Librarian, Robert Lewellyn's Sphinx characters, etc) shot with 900 HDcam @ Molinare 

Originated on Kodak EXR 5248, Vision 2 5218 stock - filmout by Lipsync post 



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