winner - Raindance award 2014

            see the trail and other detail at the film's own site here            

          2:35:1 feature film, in the fantasy/drama genre filmed with two D-20 digital cinema cameras and S4 primes,

            recorded into twin Sony HDCamSR SRW1 field recorders, see the imdb entry here and if that system sounds a bit old-fashioned, it is-

            indicative of the film's extended post-production period

            Accepted into Toronto Tiff/Raindance/Sitges/Rome indie festivals and winner of Raindance Best British feature plus the Raindance award  at the British independent film awards...

            With a fine cast reprising Stephanie Leonidas as Freya, with Ben Daniels as Grant, Dervla Kirwan as Christine, Michael Maloney as Dean and Maurice RoŽves, the doctor

            Luna was filmed on locations in Lee Bay, North Devon, and near Tenterden, Kent, with full-time two-camera steadicam + handheld techniques 


            steadicam operator + 'A' camera Dion Casey, 'B' camera operator err, me

            1ac's Mark Barrs, (A cam) Mark Nutkins (B cam)

            2ac's Tim Morris, (A cam) Patrick Meller (B cam)

            grip Tony Fabian, muchly appreciated espressos c/o Rana Darwish  


            Exec producers Clive Banks, Keith Griffiths - produced by Simon Moorhead

            Directed by Dave McKean from a screenplay by Allen Spiegel and Dave McKean


            Principal photography

            ARRI D-20 cameras (x2) into Sony SRW-1 field recorders, linear mode 4:4:4 

            Cooke S4 prime lenses, particularly the 'above 85mm set'

            ARRI 35III for overcranking, Kodak Vision 5218 stock processing by ilab

            ARRI 35IIc used for the hovercam aerials


            additional photography

            Canon and Beaulieu super8mm cameras (x3)

            Sony F35 /  Sony PD-150 / Sony FX-1 & Canon D5 DSLR

            mo-cap & phantom for overcrank 


            preview frames

















                     the film features additional animated sequences in director Dave McKean's and Barron Storey's inimitable style, such as...





 and once again Tiddles took the opportunity to do some ligging with the cast...